Dear civil society organizations workers and volunteers who are providing services to the millions of refugees who are living in our country in many areas from health to sheltering, psychosocial support to legal counseling with limited resources and a large number of devotions; Stronger When Together Project (MüşterekProje) is for you, it is a project for all of us! Because we know how valuable and difficult your work is. Also, we know that you, as a supporter, need support for yourself, you as a person who works for the other’s well-being, need to look out for your own well-being.

Mutual Project (MüşterekProje) is established in April 1st, 2019 with the cooperation of Bir İZ foundation and Human Resource Development Foundation (İnsanKaynağınıGeliştirmeVakfı) and with the support of Central Finance and Contracting Unit (MerkeziFinansveİhaleBirimi), for the purpose of strengthen the civil society organizations’, which are working with the Syrian refugees, human resources capacities, communication and defensiveness skills.

For determining the education and support needs of the professionals and the volunteers who are working with the refugees in civil society organizations;

  • Needs analysis work was conducted

For developing civil society organizations which are working with the refugees’ capacities and, for contributing professionals’ and volunteers psychological well-being;

  • Working Guide with the refugees for Civil Society Organizations is being prepared.
  • Capacity development training and personal development workshops are being conducted.
  • Encounter Groups are organized.
  • Webinars are being implemented.

For creating fields of communication and defensiveness for the Civil Society Organizations which are working with the refugees;

  • A web site that includes all the civil society organizations which are working in the refugee area conducting refugee oriented activities in Turkey was prepared.
  • The project’s social media accounts were created.
  • Network meetings are being implemented regularly.
  • Dissemination and Advocacy Conference (YaygınlaştırmaveSavunuculukKonferansı) will be conducted.

For increasing civil society organizations which are working with the refugees’ volunteer resources;

  • Volunteering module was placed in the project web site.

For raising awareness at the social level;

  • A press conference will be held.
  • Disseminating the social impact report of the project will be prepared and generalized.


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    Bir İZ Derneği MüşterekProje Ofisi

    Büyük Hendek Cad. Şişhane Sok. Şişhane İş Merkezi No:3/5 İstanbul