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Birey ve Toplum Ruh Sağlığında İZ Foundation (Bir İZ), established in 2013 for the aim of preventing mental health services that are servicing social peace and with the hope of accessible by all kinds of people from schools to prisons, private institutions to civil society organizations. Since the foundation is established, it develops projects that based on strengthening the individuals and the society especially women, children and refugees who are living in that society, produce educational games, materials, and programs. With the aim of transmitting the developed products to the more people and thus create a multiplier effect, it conductspieces of training and capacity-strengthening activities towards key partners like teachers who are working with disadvantaged groups, medical personnel, and members of civil society organizations. It works with the cooperation of public, civil society and private for developing and disseminate sensitive community mental health approaches in overarching and interdisciplinary projects.

Works Towards Refugees

Psycho-Social Support Project for Syrian Children – YanYana: YanYana Project which its aim is reducing discrimination against Syrian refugee children and ethnocentrism, conducted by Bir İZ Foundation, with the support of European Union European Commission Representative,European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) and with the cooperation of Yuva Foundation and OyunTerapileri Foundation. YanYana Project is applied through 20 months between 2017-2018. Within YanYana Project, between 7-11 ages 3500 Turkish and Syrian students have been reached out via 120 teachers in İstanbul. 120 teachers who are conducting YanYana – Pscyho-social Support Programme for Schools in 72 schools joint Training Programme for 3 days and get supervision support regularly during 10 weeks program. Within the program which is emerging from interactive activities reducing discrimination and combining children together, YanYana gamebox is developed as training material. YanYana gamebox based on combining children together material and communication material for children, with the consultancy of psychologist and pedagogs this game is designed as bilingual (Turkish and Arabic) just for this project. Game is shared with 38 civil society organizations besides schools.

At the same time, within the YanYana Project, 10-weeks YanYana Group Therapy Programme developed based on Group Psychotherapies, Play Therapies and EMDR techniques towards traumatized Syrian children. 73 therapists get Group Leader Traineeship, these therapists supported by regular supervision. 550 Syrian children are reached by volunteer therapists and cooperative 24 civil society centers.

Within the project, Dissemination and Advocacy Workshop conducted with the participation of İstanbul Directorate National Education, Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Policies, İstanbul Provincial Migration Management, UNHCR and representatives of European Union Turkish Delegation and 150 audiences. Civil Society Organization fair which is conducted as a part of the conference, 15 Civil Society Organizations which are working on the refugee field took part.

In the Advocacy step of the project, you can find the YanYana project’s website in three languages (English, Turkish and Arabic) here:

GöçmenKuşlar Short-Film Project:GöçmenKuşlar Film is supported as Documentary Movie Collaboration’s grant project by European Union European Commission Representative and Europen Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR). It aims at seeking an answer to questions like “how discrimination is happening, how people give the meaning of it, how does it feel” through the migrant child’s eyes and raise awareness among the people who had watched it. GöçmenKuşlar Short-Film Project has happened between April-May 2018 in İstanbul.

Stronger When Together Project:In April 2019 with the cooperation of İKGV and with the support of Turkish Republic Treasure and Finance Ministry Central Finance and Contract Unit, Civil Society Supporting Programme, it aims at strengthening Civil Society Organizations which are working with Syrian refugee’s human resource capacities, communication, and advocacy skills through Bir İZ Foundation’s new project Stronger When Together Project. This project is conducted for 15 months. In this project, Civil Society Organizations which are working with Syrian refugees’ professionals and volunteers’ training and supporting needs are determined, for Civil Society Organizations Working with the Refugees Guide is going to prepare and generalize, pieces of training, webinars, group therapies and network meetings are going to happen. On the other hand, with the project web site, Civil Society Organizations that are working in the same field have come together and their communication, advocacy, and volunteer works are going to be supported.


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