Hayatsür Foundation

Hayatsür Foundation is a civil society organization that is struggling for communities’ that are exist in Turkey to reach their basic rights and freedoms and work for refugees to adapt themselves to the society since 2012. Hayatsürdevelops projects with the cooperation of national or international institutions for refugees who lives in Turkey, especially for refugee children to maintain their life in better conditions. It works to support refugees in education, integration, psycho-social support, developing skills and vocational areas to avert lost generation and make those refugees stand on their own feet and integrate themselves into the society.

Works Towards Refugees

For children,

  • Conduct therapy programs to help them get through post-war traumas.
  • Free Turkish Language courses for students.
  • Works to make solutions for children who couldn’t go to school when they are encountering the problems while they are registering to the public schools. They seek solutions with the Ministry of National Education, Migration Management and Civil Society Organizations.
  • Support about providing educational materials to the schools and education centers.
  • Provide moral and material support for children who have special needs.

For youths and women,

  • It provides moral and material support for Syrian entrepreneur women in the projects that they could gain their economic independence.
  • It provides legal support for women to be informed about their own rights and more adapted in society. Conducts psycho-social supports.
  • Organizes vocational courses.

About education,

  • Within the Syrian Teachers Cooperation Project, prepare reports and workshops about the educational system’s development which is offered for settled Syrian migrants in Turkey.
  • Provides support to the schools and children’s basic needs like stationery and school uniform in İstanbul, Hatay, Gaziantep, and Malatya.
  • Provides Turkish language education towards Syrian teachers and training about vocational development and ways of dealing with posttraumatic children by psychologists.

Contact Information

Center: Bağlarçeşme Mahallesi 1109. Sok. No:11 Esenyurt/İstanbul

E-mail : info@hayatsur.org



(+90) 530 692 47 49

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