International Refugee Women Solidarity Foundation

International Refugee Women Solidarity Foundation was founded on 31st January 2018. Foundation has 20 official members and 70 volunteer women members. Fifty percent of these volunteer women are refugees. The founders of this foundation are activists and rights defender women who are working on women and migration fields. Foundation’s primary target group is refugee women and hence children. The purpose of the foundation is supporting living together and so that its ultimate beneficiaries are youths, disabled ones, and LGBTQ individuals. Foundation’s field of activities is; advocacy, giving counseling service towards women exposed to a violation, raise awareness about child marriage and applying produced projects.

Works Towards Refugees

Foundation’s activities are; set up a national and international interaction and communication networks; create new cooperation opportunities, conduct fieldworks, and monitoring/evaluating studies; provide to produce the knowledge, disseminate it and make it accessible; make production with the women as a target group in every field; raise awareness about women without discrimination; starting national and international project to serve this purpose, support existing projects. Foundation is being right advocacy in this direction; it gives them juridical, psychological, social and educational support, organizes workshops.

7-week-workshop program’s, which is done in 2018 and bring refugee women, Turkish women and academicians together, subjects:

Gender and Migration

Feminism, Importance of Solidarity, Common International Practices

Elimination of Violence Against Women and International Experiences

Feminist Activism and Advocacy, Women’s Labour (Refugee Women’s Labour)

Protecting Soul and Body and Self After Conflict/Migration

Cultural Differences and Living Together (BirlikteMüzik Workshop)

Again in 2018, Women’s health training programs and radio programming and producing training are organized. With the choir project called YüzümüzDünyayaDönük which is conducted in 2019, migrant and Turkish women came together to sing songs in different languages. Through the choir project, women came together via workshops and rehearsals which they could sing songs in their own languages and teach each other those songs and make a final with a concert.

Contact Information

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