MaviKalem is founded by volunteers that were come together in the 1999 Marmara Earthquake in 2000. It aims at disseminating volunteering as a lifestyle, enhance life with sharing and solidarity.

It conducts studies based on society and focuses on rights. It aims to strengthen women and girls under the title of women’s rights with the perspective of women, health rights, gender inequality, disseminating the knowledge and widen the advocacy field.

MaviKalem works in local and national fields. It gives services on women’s rights and women’s health rights, children’s rights and child protection, disseminating international aid standards for disasters and state of emergencies. Its target group occurred with women, youths, and children.

  • Currently, there are two offices in Fatih and Zeytinburnu, İstanbul. It has offices in Adana and Kocaeli since 2019. There are studies conducted about Strengthening in Adana Project Office and about Protection and Strengthening in İstanbul and Kocaeli Project Offices.

Works Towards Refugees

  • Strengthening Youth Girls Project (2016): We make a workshop called “We are our bodies” developed by MaviKalem.
  • In Syrian Girls Bring in the Education and Advocacy Project (2017-2018) which is targeted to support Syrian girls’ educational participation and continuities by Malala fund, got access to 192 children.
  • Girls are Strengthening Project which is supported by IMC (International Medical Corps), is formed of workshops and activities with the purpose of supporting the Syrian girls’ educational participation with Turkish and Syrian girls at the age of 12-18, strengthening the relationships with the locals and support their social adaptations. Girls are Strengthening Project’s modules are prepared conveniently in the Arabic version and for their cultural adaptation.
  • Making an Educational Model for Syrian Children (Mart 2018 – Mart 2019) is supported by the Malala Fund. For understanding the issue of especially participating secondary education, face-to-face interviews are realized with Syrian Children between the age of 10-14, educators, politic actors, and administrators, and with the 252 teachers who are studied with Syrian students in 10 schools (5 Temporary Educational Centers and 5 Official Schools). They provide Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies Psycho-Social Support Hand Guide (AcilDurumlardaEğitimiçinKurumlarArasıAğPsiko-SosyalDestek) based on psycho-social support and social-emotional learning towards children who are affected by humanitarian crisis education.
  • Child Protection Project is supported by UNHCR (January 1 – December 31, 2018). It aims at children who are or not Syrian encountered violence, exploitation, abuse, and negligence are protected and strengthened against risks that they would be exposed to, defining the children who are under the risk of being child marriage and child worker and provide to have access to proper protection service.
  • Since 2019, In İstanbul Zeytinburnu and Fatih, there are protection and strengthening studies and in Adana strengthening studies are conducted.

Contact Information

Address: Yavuz Sultan Selim Mahallesi Cibali Caddesi No:31 Fatih/ İstanbul

Telephone: 0212 635 38 35

GSM : 0537 334 33 68

E-Mail :


(+90) 530 692 47 49

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