Small Projects Istanbul

Small Projects Istanbul is founded in Fatih, İstanbul in 2015. It aims at providing a safe and supportive area for individuals, families and children who had to rebuild their life in İstanbul and beyond because of the war in Syria. Services in which over 200 families and over 250 children and youths are benefiting from being open access to different ethnic groups who are came from the Middle East and Northern Africa. SPI Community Center supports developments of the society for offering quality programs and activities towards beneficiaries’ needs and demands in the education, social adaptation, psycho-social support, developing skills and composing means of existence fields. With the Social Enterprise Project which is implemented in 2016, makes vocational courses and livelihood opportunities for women.

Works Towards Refugees

SPI is implemented proper project about developing and strengthening children, youths and women’s educational, technical and social skills with the partnerships and volunteer projects that are developed since 2015. With the World Bank Youth Innovation Fund, Mondo, Robert College, Koç University Global Aid and Galatasaray University volunteer projects, activities are conducted based on children between the ages of 6-15 social adaptation of the Turkish educational system and Turkish language integration and Turkish community.

With the cooperation of Maya Foundation, over 50 children benefited from group therapies within the framework of the Psycho-social Support Program; if there is a need, they are provided individual therapy.

SPI Volunteer Program aims at strengthening child and youths’ relationship between them and their inner selves in peace. Until today, over 200 Turks and Syrians and international volunteers maintain activities for culture-art, creative drama, foreign language, handwork, sport, leadership and body-mind development within the framework of education and skill development program.

Within the “Return to the School” Program, beneficiaries registration processes for school are followed; scholarships are provided to the university students, child-friendly environments are provided for children who are not school-age children.

SPI Social Enterprise Project provides over 40 women training and activities about vocational and social skills and gives them an opportunity to be better economically with the cooperation of Global Project Partners and Intrepid Foundation.

Contact Information

Center: Mevlanakapı Mahallesi Karabaş Bostanı Sokak No:4 Fatih/ İSTANBUL




(+90) 530 692 47 49

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