Tarlabaşı Community Center

Tarlabaşı Supporting the Community Foundation/Tarlabaşı Community Center (TarlabaşıToplumMerkezi, TTM) is a civil society organization and aims at supporting people’s who are living in Tarlabaşı, which is one of the multidimensional sensitive regions in İstanbul, equal participation in the city live. It is working based on rights and was founded in 2007. It conducts social inclusion and psycho-social support studies while focuses on human rights and child rights. While it conducts these activities, Tarlabaşı Community Center’s aims are strengthening Tarlabaşı settlers who are discriminated from social life and fighting against deprivation with many reasons like poverty and decrease the prejudices against them and raise awareness about their right and violation of their rights. TCC determines its vision is, made Tarlabaşı settlers become a self-sufficient community who can defend their rights and access city resources equally. It aims at especially contribute children’s developments via social inclusion, art and produce something together in a peaceful and non-violence way of communication while they are learning their rights in a safe place.

Works Towards Refugees

Since 2016 in Tarlabaşı Community Center, there are studies that started for refugee children to make them spend their time in safe spaces far away from street violence, support the children who could not go to school for start to go or continue to go to school. Besides ÇokGüzelAtölye which is planned to be a social adaptation workshop, refugee children are attending all the existed workshops in the community center.

Since 2016;

Bernard Van Leer Foundation: “ÇocuğunŞiddetAlgısı” Project (Violence notion from a child’s perspective)

England Consulate: Syrian Refugees’ Needs Assessment Project in Tarlabaşı

International Medical Corps (IMC): Set a Model for Syrian and Turkish Children’s social Adaptation in Tarlabaşı Project

February 2019 – September 2019 HayataDestek Foundation: We Are Safe Together Project (BirlikteGüvendeyizProjesi)

September 2019 – April 2020: Strengthening Refugee Children in Tarlabaşı


Çocuğun Şiddet Algısı Araştırma Projesi Sonuç Raporu

Parlayan Çocuklar Al Farah ile Birlikte

Tarlabaşı/İstanbul’da Tarlabaşı Toplum Merkezi’nden Destek Alan Suriyeli Kentsel Mültecilerin İhtiyaç Tespiti Raporu

Needs Assessment Report of Syrian Urban Refugees Receiving Assistance from Tarlabaşı Community Center in Tarlabaşı/İstanbul

Contact Information

Center: Çukur Mahallesi Zerdali Sokak No.9 Tarlabaşı-Beyoğlu-İstanbul

Telephone: 0 212 297 23 05

E-Mail: iletisim@tarlabasi.org




(+90) 530 692 47 49

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