Yuva Association

Yuva Association was founded in 2010 with the aim of generating holistic sustainable solutions to environmental problems, education, and social issues both in Turkey and in the world. As YUVA, we work to support the personal development of adults and young people through lifelong learning, to increase their awareness regarding the environment and to contribute to the eradication of poverty. Our aim is to provide a sustainable life for all living beings.

YUVA has a holistic model and different subjects are addressed together in order to provide a sustainable life. In this way, problems are approached with a humanistic and holistic perspective and a holistic transformation is offered. And, today, the transformation offered by YUVA is realized with young people and adults.

Works Towards Refugees

Since the establishment of our organization, we have been carrying out empowerment activities to enable individuals who are in need to live an honorable life. We are conducting our activities under the 3 main title:

Fighting Poverty

  • Lifelong Learning Activities
  • Activities to Provide Source of Income and Create Employment (Turkish Language Education, Vocational Training and Employment Consulting)
  • Protection and Social Cohesion Activities.

Yuva Association conducts activities towards strengthening all individuals of all ages with its training activities. Training about supporting primary-school-age children’s education, accessing higher education programs and Turkish Language education programs for all ages are the most common educational services that association gives.

It aims to encourage to raise individuals therefore communities resistance and environmentally friendly employment opportunities with means of living activities. In the workshops that have been opened in different provinces, with the local people’s contribution products like accessory, textiles, and shoes are produced. Products are developed by the consultancy of professional designers and shaped by tendency and demand in the area where the workshops are. Besides, the association organizes training employment guaranteed workforce breeding and towards people who want to build their own business. In its activities, the association offers internships and on-the-job pieces of training.

It aims to provide knowledge and safe spaces opportunities for the people who are under the protection program to evaluate themselves and their environment.

With the social adaptation projects, the association organizes activities to bridge over different communities.


Suriyeli Gençler için Yüksek Öğretime Giriş Yol Hatitası

For Syrian Youth Road Map of Access to Higher Education

للشباب السوري خارطة الطريق
 للوصول إلى التعليم العالي

Contact Information

Center: Koşuyolu Mahallesi, Katip Salih Sokak No: 38 34718 Koşuyolu, Kadıköy/İSTANBUL

Telephone: 0 216 325 0044

E-mail : yuva@yuva.org.tr




(+90) 530 692 47 49

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